Bargaining Power

Bargaining Power

As Jadeproperty team, we offer investment advisory services by giving full support at every step of this process for those who want to buy real estate in Turkey. Our goal is to grow confidently and establish long-term relationships by providing professional and tailored services to our customers.
We look forward to providing consulting services to you with our expert team in various cities of Turkey.
Please don’t hesitate to contact us at any time by email or phone.

Why Jade Property?

Jadeproperty is a real estate investment company that offers services in line with the demands of its customers. We serve according to the needs of each customer. And we handle all requests of customers exactingly. We offer the most optimal options for you to profit from the real estate market in Turkey. Turkey has a more convenient location with all real estate investments compared to other countries in the world. However, not making real estate investments through a professional company may cause you unwanted problems. Therefore, we suggest the most profitable and affordable options with our quality service.

Real Estate in Turkey

Turkey is preferred by investors because of both cultural and natural beauty. Therefore, we are excited to direct you to the right real estate investment to make your investment more profitable. Just let us know about your dreams, leave the rest to us.

We Work for Customer Satisfaction

Our experienced experts find the right property for you both in terms of location and price and undertake the negotiation process. We also assist you in the process of delivering title deeds and applying for Turkish citizenship upon request. The entire legal process is elaborately followed by us.

Negotiation for the Best Price

You can rely on our price negotiation skills. We set the most affordable price for each customer. In addition to good bargaining ability, good relationships with sales offices and property owners are also other required skills. You will notice our talent in this area when you start working with us. Our experienced real estate team looks forward to working with you.

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