All About Beykoz And Why To Invest In The Area

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Beykoz, which borders the Marmara and Black Sea seas, is one of the regions where the industry develops in Istanbul. Due to its low population and advantageous location, investment in Beykoz real estate has been emerging in recent years.

Beykoz, located on the side of Anatolia, has had advanced infrastructure since the first periods of the Republic. Among its neighbours are Iile and Kadikoy, one of Istanbul’s most notable sights. It is a new center of life thanks to its history and natural structure and numerous opportunities.

What to know about Beykoz

Beykoz witnessed these industrial works from the early years of the Republic. Therefore, the value of the region increases day by day. Owning real estate here allows you to increase the value of your investment. It is home to around 239,000 citizens in terms of population, helping you spend a better-quality time with your family in a not condensed area.

There is Anatolian citadel, Anatolian lighthouse, Hidiv pavilion and many other artifacts in the region, which is also rich in historical monuments. Due to its location at the intersection of Marmara and Black Sea, it has a transition climate. It still retains its natural structure and has a structure consisting of oak, hornbeam, tilo and many other trees. Investing in Beykoz real estate allows you to benefit from all these historical and natural beauties every day.

Living here helps you feel less of the heat throughout Istanbul. Although it borders the Black Sea, precipitation is not as severe as in the Black Sea. 

Quality of life

Beykoz is one of the fastest developing places in Istanbul. There is a big factor in this industry in the region. Compared to the scope of Istanbul, living costs are more affordable and very comfortable in terms of transportation. It gives you easy access to the European side by both personal vehicles and public transport.

There are advanced options such as public transportation in the area. Due to its promenade, Beykoz-Yenik-y allows you to reach the opposite coast thanks to ferry and sea buses. In addition, there are several lines, and minibuses to Uskudar, Kadsek-y, Amraniye, Mecidiyek-y and Taksim.

Why choose Beykoz?

Beykoz is a place with less traffic due to its low population. In addition, it is developing rapidly due to industry. Investing in Beykoz real estate therefore increases your profits in no time. The development of social spaces every day adds new experiences to you and your family. Due to the advantages it offers, the region has been an important attraction especially in recent years.

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