All About Cekmekoy And Why To Invest In The Area

It is a growing investment center on the Anatolian side with its low population, lush forests, water resources and natural structure. Investing in real estate allows you to own property in a region where the industry is developing rapidly. Due to the fact that it is one of the most important cities in Turkey, it has a lively structure.

Its powerful infrastructure allows you to make the most of its book houses and sports activities. The area’s parks help you have a nice time with your family. Due to the other opportunities offered by the region, it is in the investment areas that have stood out in Istanbul in recent years.

What to know about Çekmeköy

Investing in the city helps you to improve yourself culturally. It helps you make time for yourself and your loved ones with cultural centers and recreational areas located in the region. Approximately 273,000 people live in the region where health services are developed. With the effect of this, traffic density is low in the region.

There are many sports centers and abundant basketball fields in the town of Çekmeköy, which is next to areas such as Beykoz, Sile, Umraniye and Pendik. The region, where projects continue rapidly, has also developed in terms of industry. This has an effect on constant migration. Invest in real estate, thus continuously increasing the value of your investment.

The summers are rainy and hot in the mild climate of the city. The rate of precipitation that falls in winter is higher than in summer. If you want to start a new life, the city offers you many opportunities.

Quality of life

Living costs in the city are lower compared to Istanbul. The region’s strong infrastructure also facilitates transportation. Public transport facilities are developed and offer easy access to the towns of Umraniye, Uskudar, Mecidiyekoy, Kartal, Iile and Kadikoyy with the IETT.

There is also a metro line in the area, and it is one of the stops of IETT buses. Parks and meeting areas within the boundaries of the district increase the quality of life of the city every day. 

Why should I prefer Çekmeköy?

All the benefits of the region evaluate the region every day. Lack of population and adequate areas are an important factor in this. Investing in real estate increases its value every day. It offers you and your family a new experience in Istanbul.

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