All About Maltepe And Why To Invest In The Area

Maltepe, located on the Anatolian side of Istanbul, is a district bordering the Marmara sea. In terms of real estate investment, Maltepe offers investors great opportunities. The fact that it is located among the cities receiving the most migration in marmara region helps to develop every day. The city, which has a population of about 497,000, is the 4th largest district of the Anatolian side in this aspect.

There are also higher education institutions in the district where transportation, sports and health facilities are developed. Due to the unlimited advantages it offers, it is the rising value of Istanbul in recent years.

What to Know About Maltepe

Maltepe district has a unique location in the Marmara Sea. Burgazadasi is located close to islands such as Hennaliada and Heybeliada. Its neighbors in Istanbul are fast-developing and dynamic districts such as Kartal, Kadıköy, Ataşehir and Sancaktepe.

In the city, where the Mediterranean climate prevails, winter and spring are cool and rainy. Summer months have a warm and dry structure. Since the climate conditions are lighter than in other districts of Istanbul, there is a weather condition that improves your quality of life. Public transport facilities are also improved and there are many facilities such as high-speed train, İETT, and sea bus. Investing in Maltepe land also helps you to be close to Sabiha Gokcen Airport.

Quality of Life

Maltepe helps you get the best results in terms of educational opportunities. There are three higher education institutions in the region. These are Maltepe University, Marmara University Başbüyük Campus and Marmara University Faculty of Medicine. 

The district, where health facilities are also progressed proportionally, has affordable living costs. The district has several sports clubs and gyms, movie clubs and parks. Thus, you can improve yourself in socio-cultural terms and have a better time with your family. Your investments in the region also mean that you will make a successful investment in the years to come. 

Why Should Maltepe Be Preferred? 

Maltepe district offers you an excellent place to live with its location, favorable climate and natural areas in the region. The district, which is one of the most vibrant places in Istanbul, has an advanced structure in its fields such as economic, socio-cultural and health. The investments you make in the district, which is developing rapidly due to the influence of its neighbors, will rise in a short time. In this way, it is a large investment center.

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