All About Pendik And Why To Invest In The Area

Pendik, which borders the Marmara sea, is a unique investment center thanks to its numerous advantages. Investing in pendik real estate allows you to benefit from these opportunities with your family. The district, located on the Anatolian side, is a transit point in terms of its location.

Therefore, it receives a heavy migration. The rate of development is quite high and it has a large part of the population in Istanbul. It is an important center of the region with a population of about 720 thousand. Infrastructure, education, health and transportation are also developed.

What to Know About Pendik

Pendik is located on kocaeli peninsula. Neighbours include attractions such as Gebze, Tuzla, Şile, Kartal and Çekmeköy. There are more favorable climatic conditions than In Istanbul, and the summer months are hot and dry. Winter months are warm and semi-humid in the region, which constitutes a transit point between the Black Sea and Mediterranean climates.

Sabiha Gokcen Airport is in the area where transportation opportunities are very advanced. There is a train station in the district, but there are sea buses between Pendik and Eminonu districts and high-speed ferries between Pendik and Yalova. In addition, transportation by IETT and minibus is quite advanced. 

Marmaray train line runs through the district. Investing in Pendik real estate also allows you to take advantage of the high-speed trains.

Quality of Life

The district, which has suitable living costs according to its environment, has advanced health facilities. Pendik Training and Research Hospital, located in it, has the title of the largest hospital of anatolian side in Istanbul. There are many health institutions in the area, including 8 outpatient clinics and 4 private hospitals.

In terms of education, there are many institutions in the region, including Private Gedik University. Investing here allows you and your family to benefit from all these opportunities. In addition, existing parks, movie theaters and gyms in the area help to improve yourself socio-culturally.

Why Should Pendik Be Preferred?

Pendik is one of the most migratory places in Istanbul. The effect of this helps the region to develop quickly. Since Pendik land investment  has a high profit ratio, it offers opportunities to increase your earnings. Due to its socio-cultural opportunities, it is an advanced center.

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