Best Cities in Turkey

1. Istanbul

The capital of the empire to dominate the world, is built on two continents, Istanbul, not only in Turkey, one of the world’s most important cities. Istanbul, which has the title of the city that hosts the most foreign tourists in our country, has many places to visit that reflect its deep-rooted historical past. The impressive view of the Bosphorus, museums, nightlife, religious buildings, street flavors and the never-ending rush of the city are among the rituals of the city. Visit this magnificent city just for sightseeing and exploring, rather than visiting it as you come and go. The Historic Peninsula should be at the beginning of your route.

2. Izmir

Izmir is a bright city, where the sun does not hesitate to show itself throughout most of the year. In addition to hundreds of alternatives to visit in the city center, popular holiday destinations such as Cesme, Karaburun, Foca, Kusadası, Seferihisar and Alacati, almost all of which are 1 hour away, are interesting. Each one deserves to be preferred as a holiday route. Aegean’s healthy olive oil dishes, taverns and Kordon should not be forgotten either. Enjoy the taste of Izmir.

3. Trabzon

Trabzon, on the Eastern Black Sea coast where lush green mountains stretch, is one of the right cities for those who want to integrate with nature. The plateaus where the Black Sea culture is felt, wooden houses unique to the region, breathtaking forests, streams that do not stop for a moment are the most natural state of Trabzon. In addition to popular attractions such as Uzungöl, Sumela Monastery, Hagia Sophia Church, there are still many places to see untouched by human hands.

4. Mersin

Extending along the Mediterranean coast, Mersin is in the geography where the most important cities of the Cilicia Region are located. The city with many ancient cities, ruins, religious buildings, and natural beauty; It is also suitable for sea, sand and sun tourism with its Mediterranean coasts, coves and many beaches that are more than 320 km long. Appealing to the stomach with its delicious cuisine and delicious fruit and vegetables, Mersin is one of the best addresses for history, culture, nature and gastronomy tourism.

5. Sanliurfa

Since Sanliurfa is located on the main trade routes between Europe, Asia and Africa, all civilizations ruling in the region, including Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans, wanted to join its borders. According to Jewish and Islamic beliefs, you can visit Harran with the fish lake in the courtyard of the Halil-ur-Rahman Mosque, where the prophet Abraham was thrown, and interesting ant houses about 1 hour away.

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