Best Street Food of Istanbul

We have prepared a list of delicacies that must be tasted in Istanbul, which carries the heritage of hundreds of years of food and beverage culture. Our list of the best street flavors in Istanbul consists of 5 titles and includes the districts on the Historical Peninsula, Beyoglu, and the Bosphorus.

  1. Fish Bread

Although Balık Ekmek can be found in many parts of Istanbul, its traditional address is Eminönü district. At the historical Eminönü Fish Bread, you can eat your fish bread cooked on the boat against the Galata Tower on the edge of the Golden Horn.

Fish Bread boats are located on the Eminonu foot of the Galata Bridge. You can eat the fish bread you buy here by sitting on the stools in front of the boats. However, if you prefer a more comfortable space, you can also try the fish and bread restaurants under the Galata Bridge.

  1. Mussels

Stuffed mussels, which are cooked after being filled and placed back in their shells, are among the main street foods of Istanbul.

Of course, it is possible to consume stuffed mussels on mobile counters. However, there are also some restaurants with a considerable history. Among these, Mercan Kokoreç and Çengelkoy Kokoreç are especially recommended. Stuffed mussels in these two places are too delicious to be thrown into the wild.

  1. Kokorec

Kokorec, which is indispensable for offal lovers, is served in two different ways, Izmir, and Istanbul style. The leading venue among the famous kokorec shops in Istanbul is the Cengelkoy Kokorec in Cengelkoy, the nostalgic district of Istanbul. Cengelkoy Kokorec Shop, which has a single branch, flavors the kokoreci with special thyme and pepper.

You can also taste Beyoglu classics such as Mercan Kokoreç and Champion Kokoreç, which is the indispensable street flavor of Istanbul.

  1. Istanbul Bagel

Of course, all of them have different tastes and places, but Istanbul simidi has been keeping its place in breakfast for years. In the city where simit baked in wood fire are distributed to peddlers, there is a famous simit bakery in every district.

  1. Kumpir

Ortakoy district, which is identified with kumpir in Istanbul, is full of kumpir places lined up side by side. Baked in special ovens, kumpir is blended with butter and cheddar and filled with appetizers selected as desired. Russian salad, barren, mushrooms, red cabbage with yoghurt, sliced ​​olives are just a few of these appetizers.

In Ortakoy, you can take kumpir from a buffet you have your eyes on and sit on the benches next to Ortaköy Mosque. Thus, you can have your meal against the unique Bosphorus view and enjoy Ortaköy Square full of people 24/7.

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