Best Turkish Street Foods You Must Try

What would it be like to fill your stomach quickly while on a busy schedule? The way to do this is through street foods. Turkey is a country that comes to the fore with street foods. We have prepared a list of the most famous street food in Istanbul.

1. Simit

One of the most well-known and preferred street delicacies is undoubtedly the bagel with plenty of sesame seeds and crispy form. The simit, which is produced as a dessert in Adana region and produced without sesame, called bald bagel in Kastamonu region, is frequently preferred due to its budget-friendly nature. And if you eat at the places that do it best, you will love it. The pleasure it gives is different with tea and cheese at breakfast and ayran in the evening.


2. Boyoz

Boyoz, which has become one of the symbols of Izmir with its crunchy form, is a kind of pastry that cannot be satisfied with its taste. It is an indispensable street flavor that you can consume with baked eggs, cheese, olives, honey, and tea by stopping by the Dostlar Bakery in Izmir Alsancak, to suppress hunger or to enjoy it completely.


3. Doner

It may be the best known and perhaps the most consumed street food that we come across most. You can taste the best doner made by cooking the meat on a large skewer with wood fire and served with bread or lavash, at Uludag Kebab Restaurant in Bursa. You can eat meat doner or chicken doner according to your choice of red meat or white meat.


4. Tantuni

Although it is a flavor unique to Mersin, we can now encounter tantuni everywhere. Tantuni, a meat wrap specific to Mersin, is perfect for filling your stomach. Small, chopped meats with parsley, tomatoes, long peppers, onions, etc. and a complete marvel of taste comes out. Tantuni, which contains both meat and tail fat, becomes even more delicious when consumed with delicious spices and spicy turnip or pickle juice.


5. Borek

One of the most delicious and abundant street delicacies is börek. You can find all kinds of pastry everywhere, but you should try the famous Sariyer pastry at Hunkar Borekcisi. Raw pastry with its crunchy stuffing with minced meat, which is best made in Eskisehir and served with powdered sugar, will also recreate the pastry taste that has been in your memory until this time.


6. Chestnut

We love the beginning of the winter months even more with the excellent flavors it brings. You can find chestnuts, which are mostly grown in Bursa, at the stalls of peddlers in other cities. We can say that Alsancak Kordon is also leading the chestnut issue. In addition, if you have a separate fondness for chestnut sugar, the most eastern address for this will be Bursa.

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