All About Beylikduzu And Why To Invest In The Area

Beylikduzu, which is one of the most systematic and organized districts of Istanbul, also has an extremely attractive quality in terms of new and recent investment opportunities. Although the district seems to be a new residential area, it has been among the important attractions in the recent and past years. At the same time, Beylikduzu is a center of attraction in the new era of real estate investment.

Details to Know About the Beylikduzu 

Beylikduzu, which is among the new and rising value of Istanbul, has a face measurement of approximately 360 square kilometers.

The district, which has two different faces, is known to be built on a geography that is home to ancient Helen civilizations. However, the district, which is urbanized in the modern sense, is home to completely contemporary designed buildings. Due to its cultural history, historical texture, natural beauties and extraordinary position in modern urbanization, the Principality offers numerous opportunities for those who want to invest in land.

With its towers, living spaces and high standard of living, where modern architectural elements are reflected most effectively, Beylikduzu is among the most popular districts of Istanbul to invest in real estate. At the same time, climatic conditions and social, cultural and event areas are other elements that make the district an important attraction.


Quality of Life 

In terms of quality of life, Beylikduzu has entered among the districts with the highest standard of living in Istanbul in recent years. This district, where there is almost no distorted construction, has the nature of a modern European city.  Beylikduzu, which is only 13 km away from a unique location such as Ataturk Airport, is also home to an organized industrial zone within its borders. Therefore, it offers a unique living space with its advanced standard of living.


Why Choose Beylikduzu? 

Beylikduzu-Bakırkoy Metro promises a unique transportation opportunity between the two most central districts of Istanbul. With the implementation of this project, the transportation problems of the district will be completely eliminated. With its transportation facilities, modern urbanization opportunities, social facilities, unique location and cultural activities, Beylikduzu will provide extraordinary opportunities for those who want to invest in real estate.

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