Citizenship by Investment

Turkish Citizenship by Investment

Every year, thousands of foreign investors or individuals want to get Turkish citizenship and are in search of it. To have Turkish citizenship by investment, significant changes were made in 2018 and the details required for the Turkish citizenship of investors were determined.

While there was a 1 million USD requirement to acquire Turkish citizenship through property investment. However today a foreign investor who purchases a property or properties worth minimum 250,000 USD can obtain Turkish citizenship. The spouse and children below 18 years old can also obtain the Turkish citizen.

Conditions to Get Turkish Citizenship by Investment

There are certain conditions to get Turkish citizenship by investment, and if these conditions are met, Turkish citizenship is acquired in a short time. These conditions:

  1. To make a fixed capital investment of at least 500,000 USD.
  2. Buying real estate worth minimum 250,000 USD. It can be single property or multiple properties. Applicants must not sell the real estate for at least 3 years.
  3. Employing at least 50 people.
  4. Depositing at least 500,000 US Dollar to banks operating in Turkey with three-year retention condition.

Getting Citizenship by Property Investment in Turkey

Real estate worth at least 250,000 USD must be purchased for individuals to be granted the Turkish citizenship. Then the value of the purchased house is inspected by the relevant institutions. Approval for citizenship is given within an average of 3 – 7 days. After the approval, a citizenship application can be made. The citizenship process is completed within 2 – 6 months.

Citizenship application is a very easy and fast process. However, you should get help from experts when purchasing real estate. You do not need to pass any tests for citizenship. If all the conditions are met, citizenship will be granted. In addition, if you have problems coming to Turkey, you can handle these operations by giving power of attorney.

Steps for Granting Turkish Citizenship by Real Estate Investment

Obtaining Tax Registration Number

Our expert team can provide you with that from any tax office in Turkey. Only a passport will be required.

Opening a Turkish Bank Account 

In order to be granted Turkish citizenship, bank statements of the transactions during the buying process must be shown. Our team will assist you with all that is needed to open a bank account in Turkey.

Determining the Right Investment

We inform you with our experts who have extensive knowledge about the process and let you decide which points of Turkey you can invest in. We offer you investment documents in order to get information in your own language when evaluating investment opportunities in the most special areas of Turkey. Once the most suitable real estate has been chosen by the client, the money transfer can be done.

Money Transfer

The money transfer takes place directly from the investor’s account to the seller’s account. Before transferring money, lawyers examine whether the investment is suitable for obtaining Turkish citizenship. When it is understood that there are no obstacles to disrupt the process, the money transfer is carried out and the final stage of the process is passed. 

Preparing the Documents

After making an investment decision, we demand that you prepare the necessary documents in the second stage. We provide you with detailed information about how to prepare documents, allowing the process to proceed under the supervision of our experts. We inform you at every stage while keeping transparency at the forefront of the processes that take place accompanied by lawyers. Once all the documents are ready, we move on to the next stage and approach the happy ending.

Making the Citizenship Application

After the property or properties have been evaluated, and that they are worth at least 250,000 USD then the Citizenship application can be made. Thanks to the documents prepared simultaneously with the real estate purchase process, the applications are made on behalf of obtaining Turkish citizenship. You can get a residence permit in Turkey within 1 week after the application. You can get Turkish citizenship in a period ranging from 60 days to 90 days.

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