Residency Permit

Residency Permit

Turkey, while being one of the most preferred countries for foreign investors, allows residence permits to be obtained with a fairly easy process. People who come to Turkey with investor qualifications must manage the process correctly to complete the procedure related to obtaining a residence permit. It is necessary to express that the process is much easier than expected, especially given that people who will invest can give up the investment with the idea that they will face a long and difficult process. 

Most individuals who want to come to Turkey and stay here for a long time need a residence permit. However, for some the residence permit is not required.  

Who Does not Need a Residency Permit?

Those who want to stay in Turkey for a long time without a residence permit must meet the following conditions. If you meet the following conditions, you do not need to apply for a residence permit. 

  • If you have a ‘Registration Certificate’ under International Protection Application,
  • If you are a citizen of countries that are parties to mutual and multilateral agreements to which Turkey is a party.
  • If you are a diplomat or an embassy employee in Turkey.
  • If you work in offices of international organizations in Turkey.
  • If you have a work permit.

A residence permit is not required for those who meet the above conditions. 

Residency Permit Types

To obtain a residence permit in Turkey, you must have one of the various types of residence permits. Otherwise, you will not be able to stay in Turkey for a long time. The types of residence permit you can obtain in Turkey are as follows.

  • Short-term residence permit
  • Property Owners Residency Permit
  • Family residence permit
  • Long-term residence permit
  • Humanitarian Residence Permit
  • Student Residence Permit

Documents Required For Turkish Residency Permit For Immovable Property Owners

The following documents are required to apply for a Turkish residency permit if you own a real estate property in Turkey:

  • 6 clear and new biometric photos 
  • Original and copy of your title deed or rental agreement
  • Copy of your passport (keep passport with you), copy of your visa, and a copy of your entrance stamp on your passport
  • Turkish tax number
  • Copy and original health insurance for one year.
  • Birth certificates, passports, and photos of your children and spouse (if applying for a family residency permit)

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