All About Esenyurt And Why To Invest In The Area

Esenyurt, the rising value of Istanbul, is also a unique location that is home to a large part of the city’s population. The district, which has received a high level of attention recently, also hosts numerous advantages for investors. In particular, the fact that the region has a very suitable infrastructure for investments and offers highly developed options in terms of quality of life has led to Esenyurt becoming a new life center.

Details to Know About Esenyurt 

Esenyurt has a unique location on the European Side of Istanbul. The district, which is adjacent to an unusual center such as Basaksehir, is also close to life centers such as Avcılar, Beylikduzu, Buyukçekmece and Arnavutkoy.

Esenyurt, the rising value of Istanbul, which is home to 6 different locations in total, also promises numerous conveniences in terms of transportation. This life center, where public transportation is extremely strong, offers easy access to every region by metrobus on the face of Istanbul overlooking Europe.

In terms of climate, Esenyurt offers a small istanbul show. In addition to the fact that the temperatures are slightly above the mid-levels in summer, the cold in winter can be felt much less than in other parts of Istanbul. The autumn and spring period mediated the emergence of a uniquely born beauty in Esenyurt.


Quality of Life 

Esenyurt, which is among the districts with the highest standard of living in Istanbul in terms of quality of life index, has risen much stronger after 2008 and has reached its present value rapidly. The district is home to many shopping centers and social facilities and offers different facilities for cultural activities. 

Esenyurt Cultural Center has made a name for itself with its important artistic works as well as period activities. Esenyurt, which attracts attention with its cinema hall, concert venue and social gathering areas, offers numerous alternative opportunities for those who want to enter a new life.


Why Choose Esenyurt? 

Esenyurt is, above all, the region of Istanbul that has risen and gained the most value in recent times. Therefore, owning real estate in this location, especially for investment purposes, offers advantages in many different aspects. Esenyurt has become a center of attraction due to the development of the quality of life with a rising momentum and the expansion and growth of social areas every day. 

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