All About Eyup And Why To Invest In The Area

Eyup, one of the oldest residential areas of Istanbul, is an important attraction in recent history with its strong and dynamic social living spaces, numerous cultural opportunities that can be considered as an example of modern urbanization and its unique location. Especially recently, Eyup has been an important attraction within the scope of real estate investment and has hosted many projects that can be used as investment tools by investors.

Details to Know About Job

Eyup, one of the most prominent landmarks of historical Istanbul; The Golden Horn is surrounded by the Bosphorus Strait, Zeytinburnu and the Marmara Sea. Built on a unique area that is among the most impressive locations in Istanbul, this historic and modern living center generously offers many options to those who want to enter a new life with cultural textures and modern social life opportunities. 

Eyup, which is home to many life centers besides two different districts with worldwide fame such as Capa and Laleli, is the most important representative of surichi Istanbul region. Eyup, which includes many historical landmarks such as Sirkeci Station, German Fountain, Beyazit Square, Hora Monastery, and Basketmakers Pavilion, is also home to extremely important and historical educational institutions such as Istanbul University and Istanbul Boys’ High School.


Quality of Life 

Eyup is an advanced location that hosts different living standards in terms of quality of life.  The region where people of almost every standard of life live is the area where the cultural and historical beauties of Istanbul are felt most effectively. Eyup, which is home to huge cultural areas such as Istanbul Archaeological Museum, Turkish Business Bank Museum, and Grand Palace Mosaics Museum, has gathered countless beauties under one roof for those who want to invest in real estate.


Why Choose Eyup?  

Eyup is a unique living space besides being a magnet for real estate investment.  With its cultural elements, historical heritage, examples of modern urbanization and strong architectural works, this neighborhood is a paradise of life. For those who want to achieve a strong and extraordinary life in the very center of Istanbul with its ruins and structures to all periods of history, the opportunities provided by Eyup are very rare.

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