Natural Wonders in Turkey

Everyone should see the natural wonders in Turkey. Here are 5 natural wonders in Turkey you must see:


1. Mount Ararat

5137-meter Mount Ararat, Turkey’s highest mountain. Noah’s Ark is also the subject of legend. According to the legend, Noah’s ship ran aground on Mount Ararat. And then many people who believed in this went after this ship. Personally, I came across a foreign researcher and local people of at least 10-12 people who were chasing the legend during the pure Ağrı climb. Also, if you decide to go one day, you will come across rocks that will surprise you with their tablets and blackness towards the 3200 m camp. You will also see a lot of gigantic rocks around that look like they are made by man. Travel to Doğubayazıt with a 35–40-minute drive from Ağrı Airport.

2. Travertines of Pamukkale

The hot water of travertines that warms the inside of people is just one of the beauties worth. What makes travertines like this is that calcium carbonate minerals coming from hot springs and rivers cover the water terraces. We owe this image, you can understand, to calcium carbonate minerals. If you come to Pamukkale, do not forget to see the ancient city of Hierapolis right away. The closest airport to the travertines is Denizli Çardak Airport with 80 km.


3. Cappadocia 

Cappadocia is the region that reflects the power of history and nature. It has a magnificent fairy chimney and city center. From the moment you go to the region, you undergo a temporal change and take a completely different step. The traces of other important civilization can be seen everywhere. The closest airport to Cappadocia is Nevşehir Airport.


4. Nemrut Mountain

Nemrut Mountain, which has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1987, returns home to giant sculptures from the Kingdom of Commagene. It is also one of the important national parks in our country. The statues and Tumulus on the mountain belong to Antiochos, king of Commagene. Another known feature of Mount Nemrut is the most beautiful ones to watch the sunrise.


5. Lake Van

Lake Van, which was formed as a result of tectonic movements, is known as Akdamar. Akdamar Island, which is named after a legend, is the best known among the 4 islands. It is also the largest lake in our country and the largest soda lake in the world. It does not freeze due to the minerals and salt it contains. Another great feature is that it is one of only two places where pearl mullet fish can migrate backwards. Another is in Alaska. The situation we call reverse migration is the migration of fish against the flow direction of the water to spawn. You will go and see. Below is the Ferit Melen Airport in the province of Lake Van.

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