Pearl of the Mediterranean: Antalya

Antalya is one of the richest cities in Turkey in terms of places to visit. Its contribution to sea tourism is undeniable with its 440 km long coastline. Antalya is also an ancient city paradise. It is a complete paradise with its lands, bays, waterfalls, and ancient cities flooded by tens of thousands of tourists every year. How would you like to take a tour of Antalya by taking advantage of car rental opportunities for places to visit in Antalya? Because it takes a long time to visit this beautiful city, which is the pearl of the Mediterranean.

Places to Visit in Antalya

The most impressive place in the city is Kaleici, which we call the old city district. Kaleici consists entirely of walls. Inside the city walls, there are traditional houses around the narrow streets leading to the harbor. Today, this region attracts attention with its fullness of hotels, restaurants, bars, souvenirs, and entertainment venues. Yivli Minaret and Kesik Minare Mosque, one of the first Islamic buildings of Antalya, which are located close to Kaleici, are here. One of the best-preserved buildings in Antalya is Hadrian’s Gate.

One of the most important places within the scope of places to visit in Antalya is the Antalya museum. It is undoubtedly one of the best museums in the country. All the great artifacts found in the excavations that will shed light on the history of the region are exhibited here. Sarcophagi, icons, emperor statues, mosaics, marble portraits are some of them. The Heracles sarcophagus, which was recently brought from Switzerland, is also exhibited here. It is a wonderful museum that can only be visited in half a day. Do not forget that you can visit the museum for free. If you are fond of archaeology and history, Antalya is perfect for you.

What to Eat in Antalya?

When you come to the center of Antalya, the first taste you will have should be blarney. You ask why? Because it is very different from what you have eaten before. Moreover, a geographically marked product is Antalya Piyazı.

Blarney is one of the indispensable classics of Antalya cuisine. Do not underestimate blarney, it is delicious and different. Moreover, it is very satisfying. Antalya Style Piyaz, which has a history of about a hundred years, has a great reputation for its special sauce with tahini and different making techniques. It was registered as a “Geographically Marked Product” by the Turkish Patent Institute in 2017. In other words, it is registered flavor blarney.

The bean is eaten in many parts of Turkey. But for the people of Antalya, these blarneys are dry and slightly tasteless. Antalya Piyazı, on the other hand, is rich in sauce and olive oil. What makes Antalya blarney different is that it is prepared with tarator sauce. When the small and delicious Çandır beans, tahini, and tarator sauce come together, the delicious Antalya Piyazı emerges. Lots of olive oil and parsley on top. Besides the blarney, Antalya Meatballs or shish meatballs are very tasty.

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