Sea Panorama Unique Houses in Bodrum

Bodrum is one of the thirteen districts of Muğla. In terms of population, it has surpassed Fethiye and Menteşe with a population of 160,000 and has already become the largest in the district. Besides, Bodrum has a unique reputation worldwide in terms of tourism.

It is also an interesting campus with its history dating back hundreds of years, just like many other settlements in Bodrum, Anatolia, and the Aegean.

Bodrum Houses

Bodrum is also famous for its unique local architecture. Rather, this local, old architecture seen in neighborhoods and villages such as Yeniköy, Eski Çeşme, Tepecik, Çarşı and Kumbahçe offers a very different experience for visitors. Its walls painted in white, doors and windows painted in blue, and their decoration with flowers and pots give a different taste. Architecture historians divide these houses into four types. These four types are generally divided into the size and geometric shape of the house, namely, musandira, mastic type, tower, and levantine houses.

In addition, the white color preference is thought to have something to do with the climate, warmth, and comfort of the region, and the blue color and the basil placed around the house keeping snakes and scorpions away.

White and Blue Houses of Bodrum

No one does not know about Bodrum’s two-storey houses that draw attention with their white paints. In fact, when it comes to Bodrum, white houses are among the first to come to mind. Those dazzling houses with their surroundings covered with bougainvillea flowers, blue painted doors, and windows before the season are repainted and their gardens are arranged. But why blue… Have you ever thought about it?

It is stated that the doors and windows of white houses were painted blue years ago to perceive insects such as scorpions as “fire” and stay away. The preference of white paint in homes is explained as making the houses cooler in hot weather.

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