Population and Language

Population and Language

Turkey is a very rich country in terms of its history and culture. In Turkey, where cultural diversity is quite high, there are millions of people associated with different religions, races, and sects. In this context, Turkey is the strongest country in the region in terms of valuing tolerance and equality. The country’s wealth manages to attract the attention of many people who want to invest in Turkey.

Turkey is a very strong and crowded country with 84 million people. A significant part of the population consists of young people in Turkey, due to the dynamic structure of the population, there is also a very successful economic environment. While a very large part of the population lives in cities, the most populous city in Turkey is Istanbul with a population approaching 20 million. Istanbul is followed by Ankara and Izmir.

Language in Turkey

Turkey is a very cosmopolitan country with 84 million people. Almost all 84 million speak Turkish, however various minorities in the country speak different languages. The largest minority in Turkey are Kurds. A very large part of the Kurdish population, whose population is close to 20 million, speaks Kurdish as well as Turkish.

Arabic, Armenian, and Greek languages are also spoken after the Kurdish language, and some minorities speak Zazaki, Laz, and Circassian. The fact that Turkey has a very complex structure in terms of language is the biggest indicator of the country’s cultural wealth. For this reason, it is possible for those who want to invest here to live in Turkey with tolerance. In Turkey, where the view of foreigners and different races is always positive, it should be said that differences in language and religion are never the reason for the discrimination.

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