Living in Turkey

Living in Turkey

Here you will get all the information about living in Turkey and all the important facilities that interest foreign investors such as healthcare, education, and transportation, as well as living costs and vacations in Turkey.

Education in Turkey has become one of the elements that have been moving to a higher quality every day. It is important to know about education here, as foreigners would need to make sure that they and their families would obtain the proper education.

The health system in Turkey offers solutions of high standards and meets the expectations of individuals to the maximum degree. As it is an important aspect for foreigners to have sufficient information about healthcare, you will find everything you need to know about here.

Living expenses in Turkey are very good according to European standards. Increasing social and economic stability in Turkey, where the middle-income group is growing, allows new investors to turn to Turkey. If you need to know more about the living expenses in Turkey, you can read the information we have provided for you.

Transportation in Turkey is one of the most important supporters of developing economic indicators and growing financial structure. Transportation is one of the most important aspects foreigner need to know about, you can have further information about this here.

Holidays in Turkey are one of the desires of not only those who live in Turkey but also of almost every citizen of the world who likes Turkey. It is important for the Turkish economy, as well as for foreigners who want to invest here.  You can read more about vacations in Turkey during the different seasons of the year here.

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