Real Estate

Real Estate

In recent years, Turkey is becoming one of the huge investment countries in the world. Although there are many sectors for investment, real estate in Turkey is one of the most profitable fields.
In recent years, the profits derived from the real estate sector in Turkey is rising rapidly in many cities, such as Istanbul, Izmir, Antalya. Why investors and buyers who want to own a property, prefer Turkey?

You can get detailed information about investing in Turkey, the several reasons why Turkey is preferred for foreign investors, setting up a business in Turkey, European Union process, and real estate prices. 

We have prepared detailed information for you regarding the purchase process of real estate in Turkey, how to buy a property in Turkey, obtaining the title deed and the documents needed, purchasing with power of attorney, and other important aspects that investors need to know about.

Foreign investors might need to apply for a touristic visa to come to Turkey before purchasing real estate. Here you can find information about the visa process and documents needed, as well as how to obtain a Turkish residency permit and the different types of permits.

Taxes is one of the important issues that foreign investors would need to know about. You can find all the information about the different taxes you would need to pay when you reside in Turkey.

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