Purchase Process

Purchase Process

Before choosing Turkey as an investment tool, it is important to know what kind of process it is expected that investors will go through during the purchase and after purchase. 

We have prepared detailed information for you regarding the purchase process of real estate in Turkey, how to buy a property in Turkey, obtaining the title deed and the documents needed, purchasing with power of attorney, and other important aspects that investors need to know about.

Although before 2012 Turkey had many restrictions in regard to foreigners buying real estate here, however in May 2012 many of these restrictions were lifted, and the government made it easy for foreigners to invest here. If you need to know if you are eligible to invest in real estate in Turkey, you can further read about this here.

Today, buying real estate in Turkey has become extremely easy. In this direction, many foreign investors can invest by buying various real estate properties from Turkey. You can get detailed information about what kind of process is expected when buying a property in Turkey.

Many foreign investors continue to invest in Turkey by buying different real estates. You can also invest in real estate to design and build your future in Turkey. 

The cost of purchasing a property is among the topics that people who want to buy a home are curious about. Individuals should have detailed information about how much it will cost when buying a home. Here you will find all the information about the different costs that are expected during the purchase of the real estate.

For foreigners who want to invest in Turkey, it is possible to use various alternatives to find the source of investment. You can check the different alternatives here to know the best financial tool to use for real estate investment in Turkey.

To ensure real estate’s return of investment is maximized via rentals and sales, investors need to make sure that their real estate is taken care of and being looked after. This is why management and maintenance of the property are important. You can read more about this here

People who will invest in real estate in Turkey are engaged in important research on the land registry. If you are among these individuals and want to invest here, you can review the detailed information we have prepared for you about the process and the documents that you will need to prepare beforehand.

One of the issues that people who want to buy a property in Turkey are most interested in is whether a lawyer is needed when buying a property. You can find the required information here as well as how the purchase process is done by granting power of attorney.

Many foreign investors choose to invest by buying real estate in Turkey. For these purchases, both for profit and for obtaining Turkish citizenship, it is necessary to receive support from a reliable company. Getting support from professionals and experts in this field ensures that the best investment decisions are made.

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