Design and Build Your Future

Design and Build Your Future

In recent years, foreign investors have been wondering whether Turkey is a good investment country. The real estate sector continues to grow despite the economic and social problems we are in. Many foreign investors continue to invest in Turkey by buying different real estates. You can also invest in real estate to design and build your future in Turkey. 

In 2018, 40,000 real estate sales were made from investors from various countries in our country. Given that there has been a steady increase in the last 3 years, investing in Turkey may be a step to save your future.  

How Does Investing in Turkey Affect Your Future?

In recent years, many high-quality projects have been carried out in Turkey, however foreign investors do not turn to investment due to high prices. But with the depreciation of the Turkish Lira, these important projects gain investment value. Moreover, the improvement in the citizenship requirements announced by the government also causes foreigners to prefer Turkey for investment. 

 In recent years citizenship was granted to those who had previously invested $1 million in housing; however this limit is now reduced to $250 thousand. This, in turn, allows individuals to make more profit in later periods and gain the Turkish citizenship. 

Why Turkey for Investment?

Mega-zoning investments are an element that attracts foreign investors because these structures are stated that their investment can be evaluated for foreigners. Marmaray, Osmangazi Bridge, Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge, Eurasia Tunnel, and Istanbul’s 3rd Airport are among the most important projects. In this way, it makes it convenient to invest in real estate such as housing, land, and agricultural land. You can invest in real estate in Turkey to make the most out of all the advantages that this country provides. 

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