How to Get a Turkish Title Deed

How to Get a Turkish Title Deed

People who will invest in real estate in Turkey are engaged in important research on the land registry. If you are among these individuals and want to invest here, you can review the detailed information we have prepared for you.

Documents Required for Title Deed (Tapu)

The title deed, known as Tapu in Turkey, is the document showing property ownership. I.e. the property is registered in your name. The title deed has information about the property and the owner, and is registered by the Tapu and Cadastre General Directorate.

Real estate purchases and sales are completed with the realization of title deeds. To receive this service, the following documents must be prepared and delivered. Documents are as follows:

  • ID card and one copy (translation if necessary).
  • “No tax debt” letter received from the municipality and “paid” receipt for past debts.
  • An original or photocopy of the previous deed, if any, must be provided for purchases and sales.
  • Payment of title deed fees and property tax must be made before title deed transactions. The costs of the title deed, which the buyer and seller will give at an equal rate, must be deposited before the title deed.
  • DASK-mandatory earthquake insurance should be taken out if there is timeliness should be checked.
  • A notarized power of attorney is required if the title deed is to be performed by power of attorney.

Land Registry Operations

First, you need to create an appointment from the Land Registry and Cadastre Directorate, where the real estate is located. At the time of appointment, all buyers, and sellers (or their proxies) in the deed must be present with identification documents. For illiterate buyers and sellers, two witnesses must be brought without kinship. Paid tuition receipts should be given to the officer performing the transaction.  In the contracting room, the sales documents must be signed by all buyers and sellers. 

At the beginning of the most important stages that should be considered in this process, the declaration of the title deed fee comes, which is the stamp duty and is 4% of the purchase price. Because if a false or incomplete statement is made, both buyer and seller may face various penalties in future processes.

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