Taxes is one of the important issues that foreign investors would need to know about. You can find all the information about the different taxes you would need to pay when you reside in Turkey. 

If you are a foreigner who wants to invest in Turkey, it is important to have sufficient information about the different types of taxes that you will need to pay here

Property tax is paid by property owners or those who bear the title of the property owner. If you think of buying real estate in Turkey, you will need to read further about the income tax on Turkish property here.

Value Added Tax (VAT) is the type of tax that taxpayers pay monthly on the value-added they create. In some cases, it is possible to be exempt from VAT, which is a type of tax taken from citizens on purchased products, houses, and cars. You can find out if you eligible for VAT exemption here.

f the sale of real estate continues and this activity is maintained within a commercial organization, the profit obtained is taxed as commercial gain. Read more about capital gains tax here.

Heirs are required to pay some tax to the state for inherited goods. The revenue administration has prepared a comprehensive guide for heirs. Everything taxable is listed in this guide. 

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