VAT Exemption When Buying Turkish Real Estate

VAT Exemption When Buying Turkish Real Estate

Value Added Tax (VAT) is the type of tax that taxpayers pay monthly on the value-added they create. In some cases, it is possible to be exempt from VAT, which is a type of tax taken from citizens on purchased products, houses, and cars. In particular, one of the various efforts to increase the investment status of foreign citizens in Turkey is tax exemption. 

Foreign citizens who are not settled in Turkey, as well as institutions that are not legal and business centers in Turkey, and Turkish citizens living abroad for more than six months, as of April 01, 2017, housing or workplace deliveries have been excluded from the Value Added Tax.

Who Can Be Exempt From VAT?

13 Of Our Value Added Tax Law. Explanations on the application of the exception added to the article 30057 dated 05.05.2017 published in the Official Gazette No. 12 Series Value Added Tax general application communiqué on amendments to the communiqué on. Provided that the price is brought to Turkey in foreign currency, it will be applied for the first delivery of buildings built as a residence or workplace.

Which Residences Are Tax-Free?

It is essential that the structure built as a residence or workplace has a building license and is delivered ready for use by the buyers. A floor easement must also be installed in residential or business places where a floor easement can be installed. Residential or business places defined in the building license as housing, shops, offices, residences, apart-hotel apartments, timeshare, and so on are evaluated within the scope of the exception. In the exception application, the actual delivery is not required when delivering condominium-established housing or workplaces. In this direction, investors can buy real estate from Turkey by conducting detailed research on the issue of exemption.

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