Yusufeli Dam and Hydroelectric Power Plant

Yusufeli Dam and HES Project are built on corruh river, 70 kilometres southwest of Artvin in the Eastern Black Sea Region, 8 kilometres from Yusufeli district. Yusufeli Dam, which will be turkey’s first dam and the third highest in the world in the category of double curvature concrete arch with a height of 275 meters from the foundation, will produce 1 billion 888 million kilowatt hours of energy per year with an installed power of 558 megawatts.
In February 2020, the dam construction will be completed and ready to hold water. By the end of 2020, road displacements, relocation, and energy electromechanical and connection lines, which are the connected units of the project, will be completed and energy production will be started. The cost of the 558 MW plant is 3.8 billion TL. These and similar projects strengthen Turkey’s clean energy resources.
On the other hand, Yusufeli district, which will be moved due to the dam and HES, will have a new settlement that is more modern and exemplary than before.
The new settlement area of the district, which currently has an area of 750 decares, will be 1,535 decares in total.
Within the scope of the project, 69.2 kilometres of state-provincial roads and 36 kilometres of village roads are being built. The state-provincial road project builds 21 bridge-viaducts with a total length of 55.8 kilometres, 40 tunnels and a total length of 4 kilometres.
With 4 million cubic meters of concrete used in the dam, 10,000 houses with 5 floors, each 120 square meters wide, will be built, while Yusufeli Dam and HES, which will cover its cost in 7 years, will contribute 1.5 billion TL annually to the budget when it goes into production.

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