All About Zeytinburnu And Why To Invest In The Area


Zeytinburnu, which is one of the most popular districts of İstanbul in almost every period, is a unique living center where modern urbanization is felt in the strongest way. This district, which is adjacent to the Marmara Sea, is also very close to other İstanbul districts that can be considered as the center of finance and economy. The district is home to many historical sites and is also notable for its cultural facilities and social facilities. Due to the advantages promised in terms of location and social living areas, Zeytinburnu has been among the most ideal addresses for real estate investments in every period and has received a great deal of attention from investors.


Details to Know About Zeytinburnu

The population and demographic structure of Zeytinburnu consist mostly of locals born abroad. Although the fact that the district has received a large amount of migration has caused distorted urbanization and environmental regulations to emerge over time, Zeytinburnu has become a center for real estate investment with recent construction investments.

At the beginning of 2000, the district faced a massive transformation and strong infrastructure facilities were put in place and innovative ideas about the development of the region were adopted, bringing about the emergence of a new example of modern neighborhoods. In particular, the fact that the urban transformation model applied in the district is based on a modern city development theme that provides compatibility with the historical texture has led to a wide range of Zeytinburnu real estate investment opportunities.


Quality of Life 

The impact of recent investments on Zeytinburnu’s quality of life has increased to visible levels. Zeytinburnu, which is a suitable address for those who demand a significantly higher standard of living today, has a unique position in İstanbul, especially with its natural and historical beauties. All investments and developments in modern urbanization have transformed the district into a center of attraction. 


Why Choose Zeytinburnu?  

With the increase of investments in the district and the significant increase in the standard of living, Zeytinburnu has become a center for real estate investment.  Zeytinburnu, which brings together highly creative opportunities with strong infrastructure and transportation facilities and is among the most precise examples of modern urbanization in İstanbul, has the characteristics to increase investments by valuation.

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