Reasons to Invest in Turkey

The Advantages of Property Purchase in Turkey

Turkey always attracts the attention of investors with its own facilities, such as tourism, nightlife, airports, roads, and low cost of living. The growing economy of Turkey offers new opportunities to investors. Especially, the real estate sector in Turkey has been continuing to grow despite social, political, and economic problems. 

Turkey as a country is considered as a bridge that connects Asia and Europe. While the capital is Ankara, however the largest city in Turkey is Istanbul. Although real estate investment is high all over Turkey, Istanbul is the most preferred city regarding real estate investment. Turkey is considered one of the fast developing countries in the real estate industry, and therefore it is an ideal country for foreign investors.

Let us take a look at some of the advantages of property purchase in Turkey:

1. Citizenship Through Real Estate

 Although the property owners have difficulty in getting a residence permit in other countries, Turkish citizenship can be obtained by a certain amount of investment. Foreigners, buying at least $ 250,000 real estate, have the right to apply for Turkish citizenship. In other words, property purchase in Turkey gives an opportunity to investors to make a profitable investment as well as get Turkish citizenship.

2. Residency Permit to Real Estate Owners

Turkey gives a right to get a residence permit to investors who buy a property in Turkey. This first-time permit has a maximum duration of two years. Besides, if the necessary conditions are met, Turkish Citizenship can be acquired after five years of residence. The residence permit involves all family members (first-degree relatives, spouse, and children under 18). The children of the foreigners, settling in Turkey with residence permits, can get an education. Also, foreigners can find jobs and get a work permit easily.

3. Affordable Property Prices and Convenient Exchange Rate

Thanks to its location, Turkey attracts thousands of investors from all over the world. In addition to the natural and cultural beauties of the country, affordable real estate is also another reason why most investors choose Turkey.  Besides, in recent years, the rising exchange rate offers favored and profitable investment opportunities for foreigners. investment opportunities for foreigners.

4. Developed Real Estate Sector and Modern Housing

The real estate and construction sector in Turkey, developed during recent years, offers investors luxurious and modern options. While most of the newly built residences have smart home technologies, almost all of them have luxury social facilities such as swimming pools, spas, and gyms. Turkey allows investors to have all these facilities at more affordable prices, compared to other countries and the metropolises of the world.

5. High Tourism in Turkey

Turkey is considered the sixth most popular country for tourists in the world, with almost 47 million individuals visiting every year. This high number gives an advantage to foreigners who want to invest in Turkey since the property can be easily rented throughout the year or can be used as a holiday home.

6. Economy and Dynamic Population

By giving easy access to more than 1.5 billion people who come for trade and other services, and providing modern shopping centers, Turkey is considered an economic regional hub. Having good economic figures and dynamic demographic figures have enabled the country to be a favorite for foreigners who want to invest and live in Turkey. As more foreigners and global companies demand residential and commercial real estate, there has been a noticeable increase in the demand for offices and homes in Turkey. 

With a stable economy, foreigners who want to invest should be confident that Turkey is the right destination for them.

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